Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving To Do List - One Week Away

So, here's what I've accomplished on my checklist so far:

  • I've sent the Evite (25 guests and counting...)
  • I've created a menu & food shopping list (some will be foraged, most from the farmers markets and the rest from the OB Peoples Co-op)
  • I've pickled my vegetables for apps
  • I've got beds & linen for family flying in
  • I've got all the kitchen equipment I need
  • I'm borrowing tables, chairs, silverware, plates, and glasses
  • I've bought all non-perishables & stuff from Peoples

Here's what I'll do this weekend:

2 days before:

  • Make gingerale, if I get ahold of my friends recipe (otherwise, I think I'll get some elderberry syrup and serve with sparkling water)
  • Continue to clean the house...
  • Prepare the serving pieces, plates, flatware, glasses, etc. 
  • Iron cloth napkins or tablecloths (ya, right; sure I will)

Day Before:

  • Endless cleaning of the house! 
  • Cut and cube bread for stuffing
  • Make pies & tarte dough
  • Peel & cut the Yukon potatoes, then refrigerate them in a pot of cold water
  • Assemble ingredients for side dishes 
  • Set up tables and chairs

Thanksgiving Day:

Fortunately, I have several friends and family coming early to help with all the preparations for the meal.  I've encouraged folks to come whenever they like, bring an appetizer or their favorite holiday dish if they wish to bring something to share.  We'll keep nibbles out and drinks flowing throughout the day...

9am     Start rolls; Seed pomegranates; 

            Squeeze oj & slice melon for breakfast

10am   Roast garlic; Start sweet potatoes; chop broccoli

11am   Start tarte tatin; chop carrots & parsnip

12pm   Form rolls; 
            Chop onion, celery, apples & herbs for stuffing; 
            Prep mushrooms & shallots for gravy

1pm     Finish stuffing and bake; 
            Prep Brussels sprouts; Make salad
2pm     Boil mashed potatoes; Boil parsnips & carrots; 
            Make sauce mornay; Make gravy;             

            Sweet potatoes in oven; 
            Steam broccoli; Roast the Brussel sprouts;            
            Finish and garnish all dishes (except rolls)
3pm     Serve dinner; Rolls in oven            
            Give thanks & enjoy the bounty!
5pm     Make coffee; Whip cream; Serve dessert
            Make music & have fun! 

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  1. Just found this blog and I love it! Since you shop at the Little Italy Farmer's Market, I suggest you stop by Praline Patisserie's spot. My brother owns it and he sells the most delicious caramel sauces you have ever tasted. It sounds like it would be perfect in your coffee or dessert at the end of your meal!