Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grandma Roberts' Rolls

Soft and tender, I love to make these rolls and remember my spouse’s very sweet grandmother, who made these rolls every holiday with her family.

1 cup scalded milk (this means heat just to a boil and remove from heat)
¼ cup evaporated cane sugar
¼ cup butter
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon active dry yeast
2 eggs
1 cup unbleached white flour
2½ cups whole wheat flour

Add yeast to ¼ cup of warm water and let proof for 10 minutes.

In a separate, large bowl, mix milk, sugar, butter, and salt. Let cool until it is lukewarm (otherwise, you'll kill the yeast).

To the mixture, add the yeast, eggs, and flour. Beat until smooth.  Cover with a warm, slightly damp towel. Let it rise for 2 hours.

This next part can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it: roll out ropes of the dough on a well floured surface; form and cut into individual knots (forming the roll). The dough will be sticky, so don’t be shy with the flour. Place rolls on parchment paper on baking sheets. Let it rise for 2 more hours.

Bake at 425º for 10-12 minutes until golden brown on top. We don't bake the rolls until the rest of dinner is served because these are best right out of the oven!

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