Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Stuffing

Based on my Aunt Pat’s stuffing, this vegetarian stuffing is so good, I never miss the bird!

2 tablespoon olive oil
1 yellow onion, diced
fresh chopped herbs:
  1/4 cup parsley
  2 tablespoons sage
  1 tablespoon rosemary
  2 tablespoons thyme
1 cup celery, diced
6 large garlic cloves, minced
6 cups multigrain (or other locally baked) bread, cut into ¾” cubes
2 cups apple juice
½ bottle white wine (or more juice)
1 cup pecans, chopped
1 cup fresh cranberries (or ½ cup dried)
1 cup golden raisins
1 large green apple, diced
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper

Warm the oil over medium heat. Add onion, sage, thyme & rosemary and cook until the onions just begin to soften. Add garlic and celery and cook a couple more minutes.

Combine all ingredients - except wine and juice – and place the mixture in a large baking dish. Moisten by adding about a third of the wine and juice. Cover and bake at 350° for about an hour, periodically adding the rest of the wine and juice to keep it moist.

serves 8-10

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