Sunday, October 16, 2011

Melon Agua Fresca at Suzie's Farm

With Suzie's providing the ingredients, it was very easy to make wonderful agua frescas for their Pumpkin Palooza this year.  And boy did they go fast! Here's how I made them:

For about a 1/2 gallon of agua fresca:
about 8 cups watermelon chunks (or any melon your like), seeded and rinds removed
large handful of fresh mint leaves or lemon basil leaves (optional, and use whatever herbs strike your fancy)
a tablespoon of fresh squeezed citrus juice (lime, lemon or whatever you like)

Put all your ingredients in a blender and add water to cover at least half the melon (add more water as desired) and blend well.  Strain liquid with a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth (I use a rubber spatula to force as much liquid as possible through the strainer).  Pour over ice and enjoy!

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